16 May 2019

Sonus.site/ffdia || Get Diamond & Gold Free Fire 2019

| 16 May 2019
Sonus.site/ffdia - After the previous post the admin has discussed how to get diamonds using the Sonus.site/dia generator, then recently the admin also heard information that there is one web generator whose name is almost similar and also has the same function, namely to get diamond and coin for free, the name of the generator is Sonus.site/ffdia

Sonus.site/ffdia || Get Diamond & Gold Free Fire 2019

Of course, with the information about the Sonus.site/ffdia site, this is happy information for free fire game players, because with the Sonus.site/ffdia site, they will be able to get diamond and coin for free. Because as you know that if you don't use a generator, free fire players must buy at a high price if you want to get a diamond.

Diamond is a digital currency in the free fire game, with a lot of diamonds, the free fire players will be able to get items or skins in the free fire game. so that it will allow you to be a winner in the battle and be able to get boyah.  If you are curious and want to get Diamond & Coin Free Fire for free by using the Sonus.site/ffdia generator, then you must follow the steps below:

How to get a free Diamond & Coin Free Fire with Sonus.site/ffdia/
  • Open the browser on the device that you have, then you enter the address Sonus.site/ffdia or you can also enter url: http://sonus.site/ffdia/  
    Sonus.site/ffdia || Get Diamond & Gold Free Fire 2019
  • Now you specify the number of Gold & Diamonds you want, then you click the Generate button
  • Input the Username with the free fire account that you have and you also have to select the type of platform the device is currently using, then click the Continue button
  • Wait for the generate process to finish, when it's finished you click the Verify Now button, then now you follow all the surveys displayed from the website to completion
  • Finish
  • Now open the free fire account that you have, and you can see the amount of Gold and diamonds has now increased according to what you want

That is a brief review of How to Get Free Diamond & Coin Free Fire by using Sonus.site/ffdia, hopefully this review can be understood and you can be lucky to get gold & Diamond for free. If you are curious and want to try using another method then you can try it using the Free2.easyhack.club generator

Basically, all generator sites, one of which is the Sonus.site/ffdia site, is an illegal way to get diamond and coin free fire for free, because the way to use this generator is really hated by the game developers themselves. so if you are going to use a generator then it is better for you to use the new free fire account, to prevent the account being permanently banned when the developer finds out.

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